Welcome to Montessori TenderNest Childcare!

At TenderNest we provide a teacher-guided, safe and nurturing home environment. By utilizing the Montessori Method, we evoke and celebrate each child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn. We place special emphasis on natural, home-cooked meals and outdoor exercise to provide the energy children require for healthy growth as well as intellectual and emotional development.

It is TenderNest Childcare's mission to empower each child to become independent, confident and competent, with high self esteem and respect for others in a joy-filled and diverse family-like setting.

All 3 of my children attended Tendernest Childcare for 9 consecutive years. And I can say without a doubt that all my children have truly enjoyed their experiences as have I!”
— Colleen
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Meet The Director

Arlette Khoury is a Montessori-certified professional with extensive experience nurturing, educating and supporting children and their families. In her 12 years as director of TenderNest, Arlette has consistently surpassed state requirements and parents' expectations.

Her experience and membership includes:

  • Montessori-certified
  • Member of the American Department of Agriculture (ADA) “Nutrition Program."
  • 2010 support group leader of the San Diego Family Child Care Association (SDFCCA)
  • 15 years as a manager in the healthcare industry
  • Continuing personal study in child development research 

The Montessori Method

educating children by evoking their natural curiosity

The Montessori Method is a scientifically-based, child-centered educational model that serves as a guide for raising caring, curious children and sets them up to be confident, intelligent, successful individuals.

Two main principals are at the core of the Montessori Method: first, that children are to be respected; second, that children have an innate curiosity and love of learning, and are able to initiate their own education.

Montessori educators over the past century have created tools and learning materials based on hands-on, self-directed, collaborative learning which enables children to develop strong cognitive skills early on that will follow them into adulthood as they learn the essential subjects of language, math, science, and history.


What Parents Are Saying

Matthew is happy every morning as I drop him off. It means everything to me to be able to go to work with peace of mind knowing that my six-month-old baby is in good hands and happy. I couldn’t imagine my son going to any other daycare!
— Tracy P.
I wish that I was able to stay home with my children, but since I can’t, I rest easy knowing they are being LOVED by Arlette, a wonderful woman with a kind heart. You will never regret the day you choose her to be your daycare provider.
— Jessica & Glen R.